Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beach, Movies, and Car Shows

Hi all, What a day started by taking a two hr. walk on the beach with my honey bunny Wife and our effervescent Jack Russel terrier. Then on to the Movies with my Son to see Iron Man II, but then as an added bonus my son and I perused the annual downtown Car show here in Santa Barbara. Wow what memories and regrets for selling some of those memories on wheels that are now worth a fortune. Of course my Son has an eye for style and form too, so we really enjoyed all the different shapes, colors, and styles of the myriad of automobiles. My son remarked of why cars seemed so much more art deco and stylish from the sixties back to the thirty's, and how he really appreciated the form of the older cars. I had one answer, Son prior to the late 1960s when it said American Made it was American Made from R&D through production it was an American mind and hand that produced those cars. He looked at me and said, Hum great point to bad we couldn't have kept it that way. I agreed and we enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new friends among all those great automobiles.

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