Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WEB 2.0

Wow i couldn't look at every site on Web 2.0 Seomaz's site it would take me weeks. I did like at the health site Revolution Health and they where extremely helpful. I had two knee surgeries on my rt. knee in one year and 1 yr. later I'm still having pain and flexibility issues. Within minutes I was able to procure an entire workout that I had never seen before and appears to be one that could be very beneficial to my recovery. This Web 2.0 type technology has opened new avenues of discovery and assistance that would cost me dearly, but with the correct click and a bit of patience I'm able to access places I didn't even knew existed. I have dabbled with Face-book and AOL, but now I feel like I'm learning to walk and talk all over again, but from a techno world of click drag and paste.

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