Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Web 2.0 in Physical Education

OK OK folks I realize that I'm from a generation that thought 8-track tapes and hand held calculators where the wave of the future, oh how quickly things change. I'm realizing that this technology is the future of our chosen professions. No longer will we have to look at hrs. of tape and wait for film delivery when coaching a sport or developing a recreational activity, now click and we can send information whenever, where-ever, how ever we choose that best fits our needs to accomplish our everyday lesson plans and goals for our students. Someone once gave me a bit of advice over thirty yrs ago when it comes to technology they said, "Don't get comfortable with any one system, be flex-able, open to new ideas, because my friend everything changes every six months and you have to adapt and change with it or you'll get lost in the scuffle." Well I've been on the fringe of lost, but I'm determined to get back up to speed and enjoy this new found avenue of technology, and how it can benefit me in becoming a larger part of my daily life!

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  1. I have to say, you are one funny guy talking about 8-track tapes and hand held calculators! It is so true that the latest and greatest uses of technology can quickly become a thing of the past. Just when you get used to one of the latests trends a new and improved product hits the market. We are definately in a profession that is technology heavy, which even though it takes time to learn, it really is amazing at how much easier and productive our jobs can be. Thanks for the great post!