Thursday, May 27, 2010

Technology Today and Tommorrow

The class I,m taking KIN 710 at Fresno Pacific is exposing me to a whole new avenue of communicating in a web based society. The technologies of today are a far cry from the beeper era from just over a decade ago. The way we do things with the web today is very beneficial by saving time and money, by exchanging data instantly it's reducing the need for so much paper and ink. WE save what we want and delete without ever having to waste resources that cost time and money. The infusion of ways to communicate with students and fellow teachers helps us to manage our time and offer a better resource for educating our students, again saving time is saving money. With today's budget cutting issues that weigh heavy for all of us in education time is money. In the future I can in-vision a time when we may well be able to educate our students without any paper resources, or time constraints and have a virtual classroom that could be managed from anywhere, and anyway we choose that would meet our budget issues, and fit the needs of our students.


  1. This course has been enlightening for me, also.


  2. Even though I knew about a few of the techs, I haven't been into them as I have become. I like your budgetary comment. Using technology to have a paperless classroom should be the first idea on the list, in my opinion. It seems to be the easiest. I have seen several school boards on the news trying to find ways to cut costs and this could be a start. The one think about technology in the classroom is having the equipment to use, that will be the challenge in these harder times.

  3. Saving money is definitely a plus. If all we had to do was tell our students to check their emails and post a blog then we would be saving some big bucks. On the other side of that we have to think about the low-income students who might not have a computer at home and the time it will take to train everyone to use this technology. There are lots of pros and cons about the future use of technology in the classroom, but I have to agree that saving money is top priority.