Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blogging and Social Interaction

In three of the articles for Kin 710 i.e.Examining Social Software, Web Library and Tenn Service, and Social networking I stated in our forum that these three articles all alluded to the affect Web 2.0 technology has on our social landscape in a web bases arena. It goes without saying that lesson plans , notices, assignments,etc. can all be mitigated at a touch of a button and accessed by all the students we will be educating, but what of the human element. A physical education instructor still has to have that tactile physical contact with their students, a social interaction that is part and parcel of our profession. With the ever growing web technology's their are definitely many benefits that we can draw from, but in the end we will still be unique in that we will always have some type of physical social interaction that many academic based Internet type classes will only simulate , but never quite achieve. I commented on Jenna, Craig, and Patrick's forum posts about how I thought each had separate and unique points of interest, but that in the end no matter how much web technology we apply to education we will still have to address the human interaction that is special too physical education instructors.


  1. I found your explain of the social interaction between a PE instructor and a PE student an important, if not crucial, tool in a PE class. I agree that social networking and blogging have their place in society, but I do not believe anything compares to human interaction.

    Joan Finch

  2. The simplicity of posting assignments, grades, and notices to the students and their parents has made communication so much easier and more efficient. At St. Pat's we use edline; it's private, web based, and their is no advertising. Edline is not free but every school who can afford should subscribe to some sort of communication technology.

  3. I agree with you on the fact that we need to make sure we don't replace normal interactions with all computer based communication. It's scary to see how much people rely on cell phones and computers to interact when the person they are talking to is in the same room. A nice balance is key!